Winning on the front line

How to motivate and incentivise call centre teams

In many sectors, a conversation on the phone will be the only human interaction someone ever has with any given organisation – so customer service teams are a critical part of the brand experience and overall success of the business.

Based on our experience of helping employers motivate their call centre and customer service staff, this eBook provides insight and practical tips to help you inspire, motivate and incentivise your people:

✔ Learn 8 ways to motivate and inspire your team

✔ Discover 9 practical tips to guarantee better performance from your staff

✔ Gain insight from Edenred UK’s Operations Director, Lee O’Connor


We are Edenred UK

We help you build stronger connections with your employees, customers, sales teams, and channel partners to drive higher engagement and performance from individuals and teams, ultimately leading to better business performance.

This is achieved through innovative digital platforms, prepaid cards, and wrap around customer success services to deliver incentives, rewards, recognition, and employee benefits. Our solutions are designed to be pain-free and easy-to-configure, personalise, launch, and manage.